Jul 17

The chaos brews at home…

So I was writting this on the 17, because I was being a bit angry. 

As a follow up to the previous posts, I have an uneasy feeling that I’ve made a huge mistake in which it is now caused me to live in fear in my own home.

In the past I have successfully able to roommate with this current roommate and had no issues like this before, I think the fact that due to alot of shitty things in his life is taking a huge toll on his mental state. I tried to be encouraging and tried to turn the other cheek

Just I can’t seem to grasp why is he still in my house? why the fuck is he not looking for another place?

But here is a whole time line of what has happened between then and the 22nd.

Time line to the final moment,

Kal sends me a message on July 13th stating to pick him up at the same time I had a temporary protection order in place so I am like freaking out as this is now being placed upon my shoulder again.

I continue to ignore as Mat is now contacting me as he is also trying to get me to pick up Kal but I also have this issue that I have a TPO against him and it is a bit against my court order to do so. After going back and forth I felt obligated to pick him up and of course this is now has pissed me off as I didn’t want him to come back, I want him to get help as I know from experience he is messed up in the head as I cannot have this stuff happening in my life anymore. It was also known to me that he will be on outpatient with Montevista starting on Monday.

I picked him up finally and stressed and explained to him I can’t have this and have asked a few times to see if Matt would come down on the weekend as I wanted to discuss with him about this situation and out of the presence of Kal I wanted to discuss getting him out of my house as I am now feeling this is becoming way too much for me.

Saturday rolls around and he did not show up as I feel Kal didn’t ask him to do so, at this time Kal seems to be ok still a random being both Jesus and superman is starting to spark up though at this time I couldn’t ignore it this time so it is starting to annoy me to the next power.

Monday rolls around he leaves and comes back, Tuesday he gets picked up and that is when I noticed the superman / jesus delusion is growing bigger Wednesday is now getting more overwhelming and he is now telling me and trying to get me on his same page that he is Jesus Christ and now identifies as Jesus Christ and also believes he is also Kal-El (Superman). Thursday he talks to this one girl who is now telling him she is Lilith in which I learned later on that Kal dreamed this part and she was going along with it, Friday he admits more of this tall tales to me and completely went completely nuts with being Jesus Christ and becoming extremely paranoid over it and wants to know everywhere I go as if I was going to cheat on him or something wtf?  So I am now enraged inside I am getting very pissed off at this as now I see that Montevista is NOT helping at all and it sounds like he is NOT telling them anything about this voices he has been hearing not telling them that he is now identifying as Jesus Superman Christ.  Now, I am in the process to flex my TPO and get him out because this is getting dangerous stupid part is that he is getting sleep and a lot of it and still he is being this weirdly delusional yet not delusional like he has merged 2 realities into 1 in his mind. During this time he was also telling me this week that he is going to have this girl come over who he is also saying she identified as Lilith, at first I was like “wtf? Another crazy one?)  How he was going to Save her as Jesus and if she doesn’t accept that she would p

So I let that just continue on as I plan my kal-exit strategy I was thinking to just call the cops now and have them serve the paperwork and get done with it, but doing so I might have to fight him and solo and doing so might put me in a position I didn’t want to be. So in planning and some thought I’d play it by ear but still proceed with removal and with my brothers help for sure Saturday morning this way if there was a fight that broke out 2 vs 3 (Kalman, Jesus, and Superman) might be a bit more on the even side.

Satruday, still planning the best attack by just do it or give him a choice, and waited till he woke up, he got up about 11:45ish just before I head out to get to my appointment with a doc in Henderson, he was telling me more about Lilith and shown me the conversation and on top of this convo, he was telling me that he had to reset the router at and at the same time the cops showed up and I checked my email and didn’t see anything that would of shown  any sign of the police to show up. He stated that the girl sent them to do a checkup because she hasn’t heard from kal in a while and got scared.

At this time I went to my appointment and then I decided to make it a choice to at least give him a choice to figure out his situation as I have lost my patience with him and he doesn’t understand how much this whole situation he has caused being in completely denial of everything just so he can get in to get a metro officer.

He is costing me money, putting me in fear of my own home, and my home is also in chaos as I have no idea what he will destroy next out of the name of supernatural as he is like a loose cannon.

So my final letter to Kal was this,

I am going to be blunt and honest. How you react to this is your next move as this is a written statement. 

There is no need to fight over this and if you value our friendship you would understand and respect my wishes below.

After witnessing today events with you this morning and the events of this week, I had to calm down because I almost had Metro involved right away, I am extremely angry with you and have been this entire week but I tried to play it cool because you was going to Montevista and now that you have to inject that I am now apart of your fantasy fiction with you believing you are both “jesus christ” and “Superman” I had enough, no more,  I am done. 

I have been nice for too long and you are free loading in my home I am not a christian and I will never convert so stop trying as I don’t want to be in the middle of your fantasy. I don’t care about who you think you identify as.

I wanted to discuss with Matt last weekend in person on a possible relocation for you because I CANNOT HANDLE YOUR JESUS / SUPERMAN SHIT, as I told you I cannot have this. You was a guest in my house that you have expired your stay as of today, I am sorry for this but I cannot be apart of your fantasy as you think is a reality. 

I need you gone by the end of day today, NO EXCUSES! if this is going to cost our friendship then so be it. The Hammer has been dropped what you do from here is on you, I have the paper work to be served and a Metro officer can do that for me when I return later. 

I do not care if you have no place to go I suggest you figure that out on your own I refuse to be your crutch, Just go let me know when you are ready to acquire the rest of your stuff as you know I wont harm your stuff. 

I am being nice by giving you a chance / choice on this subject and not going straight to metro to remove you already enforcing the TPO. 

After 30 minutes of receiving this, he was also starting to get into a freak out mode and getting very apologetic, He is now freaking out and at this time I got a message from the girl who he was calling Lilith telling me his story was a delusion still but she called the police to check up on me to make sure I am still alive as she has been going along with Kal with his delusion. Matt also has stated that no one will hold it against me if I wanted him out and if he doesn’t go TPO, get the police involved.

Later on that night, I was starting to feel soft so I started to ask some questions to question his well being and that is when he flipped out.

He started to call me a liar, and then he dropped a big bomb on me stating that He will kill himself and the blood would be on my hands, now is blaming me for his career would be ruined and keeps calling me a liar.  So now I have called 911 at this time and I learned yet again he called 911 on himself threating suicide and now is belittling me (I heard all this from my cameras)

I got both an email and text message stating the same thing, just in text he was spamming the fuck you, liar etc… “How’s this on record… my death will be your responsibility I’m going to go kill myself and it’s on your hands Knife… apply pressure and that’s IT… I’m gonna go walk somewhere and do it.. FUCK you for lying to me all this time…. YOU’RE A LIAR..”

Said part is, I never lied, not once. About 10 pm he was taken away, From the message from the girl and mat that he is going to montevista and that is where we wanted him to go.

I have not once responded since I sent the follow up questionnaire to the first email nor fueled the fire in anyway. In fact, I was at my mom’s house the whole time after my appointment while he was going bat shit crazy.


So in other news, I got the cooling system stabilized in the s12. 




Jul 11

Up and running, ready to drive again.

She is up and running again, it took some time and alot of 12 hours days of working not on the car but for work with IT. I had to redo the timing steps because at first the timing I couldn”t hit it with a timing light so I tore the timing apart and took a step back, when I was done I also realized at the same time that I just had the dizzy off 180 degrees so I have corrected that when I reinstalled. 

Overall on this was a good thing, I was able to get a few things from the new block over onto the vg33 heads that I needed.

here is a quick video of a walk around I’ve done and sorry in advance no revs this round. 


Jul 04

shenanigans again with schizophrenia!

This last weekend, I got my s12 running again fixed up the timing some but everything I was working on took me to a halt when my roommate Kal decided to have another episode. 

Kal’s strange episode round #2

Friday 30th the odd thing about this is how he is now sleeping with his door open and more than often he has been sitting in the dark not sleeping just sitting there and noticed this since Wednesday night. 

Saturday 7/1 he is starting to say Happy Birthday to himself that day and that night around 10pm, I was slowly finishing up making dinner for myself Kal comes in to the kitchen complaining about how tired he is. From there he wanted to start to talk to me about something, from here he is starting to tell me about a burn on his thumb not hurting at all from here he is now explaining that his arms are all numb from pain and it esclkated to how my mom is a witch that has been oppressing me for over 2,000 years now and I am this computer that wrote a script of life and some outside hacker has corrupted the current script and I have wrote another script that I am about to flip when I wake up.  He is now stating he is Kal-El a word for Son of God in another language and how he sees my mom who has been oppressing me for over 2,000 years that help corrupt this current script in life that he was going to defeat her and destroy her. He was also at this time was starting up a small complaint about how we was not hungry and hasn’t eaten since Wednesday nor really drank anything and is starting to get random small rib and stomach pains.   Every time he would say something he is stating that the fireworks from the neighborhood is confirm from his father stating that he is right.

From here he is starting to state about that I am supposed to flip the script if I didn’t die on 06/28/2017 at the age of 37.  He was the one who was supposed to kill me so I can be reborn, so I can flip the script or something similar to that, at least at that I was extremely tired at this time as it was like 11:30ish where he kept on babbeling about his Jesus stuff and Kal El son of god and I am now a computer.

But also, he was afraid that if he fell asleep he will not be waking up and has asked me to keep checking on him just in case.

This has now got me freaked out as of now I went to bed about 12ish when he was done talking about it well I kinda forced myself out of it as he is now wide awake and keep going over and over on it. So instead of me sleeping I am now reviewing my surveillance cameras and seeing him opening the door wide open and him going in and out of my house just randomly walking around and screaming on top of his lungs. He was outside walking around bare foot he was walking around the block back and forth and the feeling I was feeling as if oh no he’s lost it this time to a point of depression to possible suicide ?

So now I wait even longer to see if he returns as I am being very scared over his random screams and his mindless actions.  He was now going in his room and starting to fill up a trash bag and took that trash bag across the street included was his wallet by accident.

Around 3am Sunday 7/2/2017 he knocked on my door stating that the pain was too bad for him around his rib cage and needed to go to the ER asap. So I went a head and took him to the UMC ER. Dropped him off stayed around and just randomly he would scream in pain and being the pain was massive he was crying.  He was sent into the back office around 3:30am and I went home around that time to get some sleep, around 8am I got the call to pick him up where he is now both tripping out from stating his heart is on the right side thinking he is Kal El the Son of God again and I keep trying to sooth him to get some sleep and rest up. He agreed to that he was going to finally smoke some weed as he hasn’t since wedneday and get some good sleep.

Shortly after I got home, I had a bad feeling so I packaged my laptop and get ready to jet out.  This is where he didn’t smoke instead he hears a small noise he jumps up in defense of a hacker is outside and opens the front door wide open. I close the door, 10 minutes later he opens it again.

I wait 30 minutes and in hope he is asleep and I attempt to go do my laundry and as soon as I do he jumps out of of the room and thinks of the hacker again outside and flips out with his eyes all wide open and bugged out in super paranoid.  I tell him no it is just me and do you need anything from the store? Because I am heading out and tells me Benadryl.  So he now knows I am going somewhere.

I went to help my brother with his Xbox one and this is when I found out some noise at my bedroom door and noticed that the front door was open wide again. I sent a text to Kal to please close the front door and he replies again Hacker outside. Then sends me a picture of my personal pictures are in the garbage and starts to throw away more of his stuff and other stuff at random away.

At this point he was giving away his stuff to the neighbor and from there I was telling Matt the situation that Kal has lost it again as he is thinking he is Jesus again.  He then tells me that he was supposed to have this under control if not call the police and get the ball rolling. I than called the police and I guess at the same time He did the same to me calling the police on me as a checkup as he thinks I was doing something in my room as he knows damn well I left.  His crazy tactics somehow was able to fool the police officers of what is going on.  Got information from the officer that I’ve called and gave me that I can file both. While I was at my moms house I attempted to remote into my computer but was unable to I was still able to see the cameras still so I assume at this point he cut my wires again but didn’t reset the router.

I got a message from Kal to “please forgive me” and stated “I was so tired when I got home I don’t remember anything 5 days without rest and I had the all stone diagnosis too”

30 minutes later I got a message from Matt stating Kal is calling an ambulance because of his shortage of breath and chest pains again. Soon as I review the Ambulance come and picked up Kal I ventured down where I see the stab marks in my door by a pocket knife stuff in the garbage and my cable cut again.

Just seeing the Stab marks in my door, I took the day off from work on 7/3 and filed a Temp Protection Order and looked into starting the eviction process.  Still have not have heard from Kal

7/2 around 9pm I sent him a lengthy email a warning that I can’t do this anymore.

It was blunt and to the point I believe. 



Dear Kal,


I know you are most likely resting finally but I also know you get email on your phone. Please read this as respect on my half as you know I have a big heart for forgiveness.

But, I cannot allow this to continue and here is the story of why.

I was going to let it pass as you where also in pain from gallstones as I assumed you could get some sleep and sleep it off but when I came back home after fixing an xbox issues my brother was having and dealing with the cops being called as per Matt and heard you also called them upon me over the situation last night prior to the ER. You have seemed to be out of place and living in both real world and a dream one that you have placed yourself in and as you stated has been fighting this for over 2 years.

You have to step into my shoes, I’ve let you into my home with the thought the issue in Hyannis was just a fluke as you stated and defended. I felt threatened on the May 21st by someone I called my best friend and with the help of Matt, I overcame that and gave you a second chance but now when I return home what cut the icing on the cake was my door with knife marks and you can defend that all you want but this is the last straw. You cut my cat5 and I am getting really tired of fixing my network as this is has became out of control.

You need to seek out professional help asap this is how you can get my forgiveness is to get real help and you cannot live in my house for my own safety Metro has gave me options to use and I will use them as because I can’t have this fear in my life, I can’t have what is going on with you that you are constantly fighting in my life I suggest you need to seek the correct help and come to terms with yourself and stop being in denial because everything you have told me  should be relayed to a real counselor because you seriously need some serious help. This is me being extremely honest on this subject and I really did not want this to come to this at all but you are not in control of your situation.

I am sorry bro but I hope you find the help you need and change yourself for the better in life. All you can do from here is humble yourself and accept the issues and move forward

Thanks again for at least trying.

/end of email. 

May 27

The Aftermath…. I need a new motor at this point…

May 24

Spinning the bearings and a religion delusion

Saturday 5/20, I was so excited I made it to Vegas Drift, because my car felt like it was driving beautifully. Passed tech and even showed up exactly on time. 

When it came to 5pm the gates of the track is open, switched some new tires and went out. Soon as I did, I spun out the first turn getting used to this, I’ve noticed a new power band with this carb, it was amazing. But, when I shut her down near the end I heard a bad sound that I spent the rest of the night diagnosing to the point it was a spun bearing. 

I had to call out a tow to bring her home to start the tear down and get the crank removed and down to universal machine.

Now at this time, I didn’t realize the mental break down of my roommate I was helping him to pick up his life. I known this guy since 2005 and his dream was to be a metro police officer. The people who know me I am more of an Atheist than anything else but I don’t care what gods people want to warship we are all humans after all, my roommate turned into a born again christian but what I didn’t noticed that the girl he was saying was talking to him passed away over a year ago and his father was also speaking to him that also passed away since 2006.  I was a bit too busy with my s12 to realize the issues he was facing and I assumed he had that stuff under control, but when I got home at 11pm it seemed that is was only going to get  worse. 

The morning of 5/21 

In the morning I have woken up around 3am to some damage flinging around and screaming.  I put on some shoes and walked out of my room and witnessed pottery stuff damage everywhere down the hallway, so I ventured to the living room and seen my living trashed and the TV destroyed, I attempted to see what is wrong with the internet but that is when I ran into my roommate, he shaved his beard and was bare naked.  He was talking nonsense about how he unplugged me from the matrix how he is Jesus Christ and I am the holy spirit and how the whole world is on pause right now as the rapture is happening now. Door was wide open and stuff of mine was broke outside, where I also seen my door was caved in. He kept on going on and on about jesus christ how I have saved him and how I have died from the poison burgers we ate last night (protein style in-n-out burger) and it was his friend Michelle.
back and forth between outside and inside I was trying to figure out what todo, I was terrified, scared at this point because he is in a point of extreme violent state of mind and I don’t want to raise to a point of any more violence so I need to book, I need to leave. I am not the type of person to fight unless backed into a corner, I didn’t want to be the one to shoot him if he turns out to be more violent with his weapons that he has around. 
He was extremely freaking me out with him being naked and running and blocking my path from going anywhere to a point when I got my keys, phone, and ID i got him to finally go back in the house to get some pants when that happened I got in my car and drove as fast as I could away, I went to the nearest gas station and dialed 311 instead of 911 because I didn’t know if it was an true emergency or not. At this point I need police to assist in this situation.  I told the dispatcher what is going on and when the call was done I ended up calling my mom about what is going on, freaked out and crying that I had to do this to a long time friend, as I waited for the officer to show up. I went inside the shell gas station and got some water as my mouth was dry and granted I just barely fell asleep at 1am due to I was at the track till 11pm last night.
When the officer showed up I explained to him what is going on, He then decided to head to my house to investigate some more, My roommate on the other hand went inside already and the officer asked if he had permission to enter and of course I gave it to him and my house key, they had about 5 cruisers show up with a Sargent before they proceed with this case. When the Sarg spoke to me he told me the plan, I also explained to him his previous mental illness from Massachusetts as I tried to let them know everything about this person.
After about 30 minutes of the 5 officers approached my roommate, He confessed to everything and is very apologetic of what happened.  I did not wanted to see him, as now I have been also told that an ambulance is on the way to take him to the hospital.
When he finally left the house they said they are going to keep him until the doctors can diagnose him and get him the treatment he needs for his mental illness going on. 
My room was still just fine, just my internet has been destroyed as in the cable modem, wireless router, cat5 cables that I ran was all cut up, TV was slammed to the ground and broken. glass everywhere. It was a mess.
Outside was a few pictures destroyed, my 350z Car door was damaged as he kicked in a huge dent. Later on that day I’ve noticed my shed was damaged. None of the 200sx (s12)’s was damaged that I could find so far. 
I was able to cure most of the dent with a toilet plunger and I am working slowly cleaning the house while I am also in a rush to pull the VG30e crank to get to Universal or if I can find one from another garage. 
After a week later, he returned to my home early around 3am at 05/27 badly burned up and such. He was released from the jail in North Las Vegas (No clue why north las vegas in the first place) He was taken to the North Vista Hospital who treated him as if he was a homeless guy and didn’t treat him as he kept telling them he is bipolar when he is clearly NOT bipolar. He is suffering from the same thing as his family has called “Schizophrenia” Everything that happened to me on the 21st was the same results of that exact diagnosis. He refuses help that he needs to get it under control as he thinks that he has it under control in which I know it is going to just get worse and there is nothing I can do except barricade myself in my room and hopes that when the next time it happens I can safely escape again. 

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