May 27

The Aftermath…. I need a new motor at this point…

May 24

Spinning the bearings and a religion delusion

Saturday 5/20, I was so excited I made it to Vegas Drift, because my car felt like it was driving beautifully. Passed tech and even showed up exactly on time. 

When it came to 5pm the gates of the track is open, switched some new tires and went out. Soon as I did, I spun out the first turn getting used to this, I’ve noticed a new power band with this carb, it was amazing. But, when I shut her down near the end I heard a bad sound that I spent the rest of the night diagnosing to the point it was a spun bearing. 

I had to call out a tow to bring her home to start the tear down and get the crank removed and down to universal machine.

Now at this time, I didn’t realize the mental break down of my roommate I was helping him to pick up his life. I known this guy since 2005 and his dream was to be a metro police officer. The people who know me I am more of an Atheist than anything else but I don’t care what gods people want to warship we are all humans after all, my roommate turned into a born again christian but what I didn’t noticed that the girl he was saying was talking to him passed away over a year ago and his father was also speaking to him that also passed away since 2006.  I was a bit too busy with my s12 to realize the issues he was facing and I assumed he had that stuff under control, but when I got home at 11pm it seemed that is was only going to get  worse. 

The morning of 5/21 

In the morning I have woken up around 3am to some damage flinging around and screaming.  I put on some shoes and walked out of my room and witnessed pottery stuff damage everywhere down the hallway, so I ventured to the living room and seen my living trashed and the TV destroyed, I attempted to see what is wrong with the internet but that is when I ran into my roommate, he shaved his beard and was bare naked.  He was talking nonsense about how he unplugged me from the matrix how he is Jesus Christ and I am the holy spirit and how the whole world is on pause right now as the rapture is happening now. Door was wide open and stuff of mine was broke outside, where I also seen my door was caved in. He kept on going on and on about jesus christ how I have saved him and how I have died from the poison burgers we ate last night (protein style in-n-out burger) and it was his friend Michelle.
back and forth between outside and inside I was trying to figure out what todo, I was terrified, scared at this point because he is in a point of extreme violent state of mind and I don’t want to raise to a point of any more violence so I need to book, I need to leave. I am not the type of person to fight unless backed into a corner, I didn’t want to be the one to shoot him if he turns out to be more violent with his weapons that he has around. 
He was extremely freaking me out with him being naked and running and blocking my path from going anywhere to a point when I got my keys, phone, and ID i got him to finally go back in the house to get some pants when that happened I got in my car and drove as fast as I could away, I went to the nearest gas station and dialed 311 instead of 911 because I didn’t know if it was an true emergency or not. At this point I need police to assist in this situation.  I told the dispatcher what is going on and when the call was done I ended up calling my mom about what is going on, freaked out and crying that I had to do this to a long time friend, as I waited for the officer to show up. I went inside the shell gas station and got some water as my mouth was dry and granted I just barely fell asleep at 1am due to I was at the track till 11pm last night.
When the officer showed up I explained to him what is going on, He then decided to head to my house to investigate some more, My roommate on the other hand went inside already and the officer asked if he had permission to enter and of course I gave it to him and my house key, they had about 5 cruisers show up with a Sargent before they proceed with this case. When the Sarg spoke to me he told me the plan, I also explained to him his previous mental illness from Massachusetts as I tried to let them know everything about this person.
After about 30 minutes of the 5 officers approached my roommate, He confessed to everything and is very apologetic of what happened.  I did not wanted to see him, as now I have been also told that an ambulance is on the way to take him to the hospital.
When he finally left the house they said they are going to keep him until the doctors can diagnose him and get him the treatment he needs for his mental illness going on. 
My room was still just fine, just my internet has been destroyed as in the cable modem, wireless router, cat5 cables that I ran was all cut up, TV was slammed to the ground and broken. glass everywhere. It was a mess.
Outside was a few pictures destroyed, my 350z Car door was damaged as he kicked in a huge dent. Later on that day I’ve noticed my shed was damaged. None of the 200sx (s12)’s was damaged that I could find so far. 
I was able to cure most of the dent with a toilet plunger and I am working slowly cleaning the house while I am also in a rush to pull the VG30e crank to get to Universal or if I can find one from another garage. 
After a week later, he returned to my home early around 3am at 05/27 badly burned up and such. He was released from the jail in North Las Vegas (No clue why north las vegas in the first place) He was taken to the North Vista Hospital who treated him as if he was a homeless guy and didn’t treat him as he kept telling them he is bipolar when he is clearly NOT bipolar. He is suffering from the same thing as his family has called “Schizophrenia” Everything that happened to me on the 21st was the same results of that exact diagnosis. He refuses help that he needs to get it under control as he thinks that he has it under control in which I know it is going to just get worse and there is nothing I can do except barricade myself in my room and hopes that when the next time it happens I can safely escape again. 

May 06

Project Fairlady Silvia running fine?

Well I just made a recent discovery,  

I am an idiot, but now the lesson has been learned and my main issue is now resolved and a final solution and work around is now in place.

Here is a video of fairlady silvia with the temperature gun, showing that my temps are normal with the ASCO t-stat 160F OEM Style. 

So from there here is a quick drive around the hood. 

She is running a bit rich but I’ll fix that this weekend. 

May 01

Couple of running Silvia’s

Project Fairlady Silvia, for now I have a fix in place it is a work around in the process for the moment till I can get a replacement block. 

I had a shifting issues with it, that didn’t seem right at all. I revisited the clutch master and slave and a new line and all seemed to be good with pressure but the pressure plate was not. 

When I pulled this plate out of the VG, 2/3 of the teeth was faced in words and I did not get a picture of that but I was able to swap it out with the old pressure plate by Rhinopak. 

It took some time, but a lesson to be learned here is never buy ebay junk so my only fear is the clutch itself shredding. 

At this time I went a head and replaced the throw out bearing since the old on has been on there for over 5 years (left) and the new one on the (right) 

When that was installed it did feel better with the clutch and stuff. 





Reassembled the clutch on the vg block and reinstalled the transmission, this took the majority of my day to reinstall. But when completed I have ended up with a dead battery as the battery is on a dead cell and does need to be replaced asap. 

But the next day, I was able todo a few test runs and the clutch was solid the pressure was great, I was able to shift like I should.  I was satisfied for this now, and I feel more confident in driving this car now. 



Here is my current walk around. 

For my other project, my project Serenity a daily restore project and the restore was near perfect it is running with no issues. Replaced the ca18e idead with a fully rebuilt ca20e doing so I have no more issues with the car. 

Here is a current walk around. 

Now with my current project is project Robin the CA18det. 


Feb 27

Current State of the projects and being The Ghost…

Project: Fairlady Silvia, She has been moving around lately, I attempted to drive it to the track but due to house plumbing decided to break in failure I missed out. She seems to drive really well other than the clutch feels weak but could be from driving the Z alot.

Project: Red Robin, I got some nice parts in for her I still have to finish the wiring and what I am going to be doing with the dash.

Project: Serenity, daily project is kinda on hold right now. For the one who will remain nameless is relentlessly trying to talk me out of it and due to that I kindly refused and will stay parked and will be finished when the time is right, I want to switch it back over to the W belt anyways vs the V belt and I figured I would work more on it when I get more of Robin done.

Project: Batman! I had someone that keeps asking me for it back months ago, so in the meantime I have been thinking of flipping this project to get it running and make some money back.
I have been thinking of dropping a black top SR20, get it running stock is and sell it off.

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