May 06

Project Fairlady Silvia running fine?

Well I just made a recent discovery,  

I am an idiot, but now the lesson has been learned and my main issue is now resolved and a final solution and work around is now in place.

Here is a video of fairlady silvia with the temperature gun, showing that my temps are normal with the ASCO t-stat 160F OEM Style. 

So from there here is a quick drive around the hood. 

She is running a bit rich but I’ll fix that this weekend. 

May 01

Couple of running Silvia’s

Project Fairlady Silvia, for now I have a fix in place it is a work around in the process for the moment till I can get a replacement block. 

I had a shifting issues with it, that didn’t seem right at all. I revisited the clutch master and slave and a new line and all seemed to be good with pressure but the pressure plate was not. 

When I pulled this plate out of the VG, 2/3 of the teeth was faced in words and I did not get a picture of that but I was able to swap it out with the old pressure plate by Rhinopak. 

It took some time, but a lesson to be learned here is never buy ebay junk so my only fear is the clutch itself shredding. 

At this time I went a head and replaced the throw out bearing since the old on has been on there for over 5 years (left) and the new one on the (right) 

When that was installed it did feel better with the clutch and stuff. 





Reassembled the clutch on the vg block and reinstalled the transmission, this took the majority of my day to reinstall. But when completed I have ended up with a dead battery as the battery is on a dead cell and does need to be replaced asap. 

But the next day, I was able todo a few test runs and the clutch was solid the pressure was great, I was able to shift like I should.  I was satisfied for this now, and I feel more confident in driving this car now. 



Here is my current walk around. 

For my other project, my project Serenity a daily restore project and the restore was near perfect it is running with no issues. Replaced the ca18e idead with a fully rebuilt ca20e doing so I have no more issues with the car. 

Here is a current walk around. 

Now with my current project is project Robin the CA18det. 


Feb 27

Current State of the projects and being The Ghost…

Project: Fairlady Silvia, She has been moving around lately, I attempted to drive it to the track but due to house plumbing decided to break in failure I missed out. She seems to drive really well other than the clutch feels weak but could be from driving the Z alot.

Project: Red Robin, I got some nice parts in for her I still have to finish the wiring and what I am going to be doing with the dash.

Project: Serenity, daily project is kinda on hold right now. For the one who will remain nameless is relentlessly trying to talk me out of it and due to that I kindly refused and will stay parked and will be finished when the time is right, I want to switch it back over to the W belt anyways vs the V belt and I figured I would work more on it when I get more of Robin done.

Project: Batman! I had someone that keeps asking me for it back months ago, so in the meantime I have been thinking of flipping this project to get it running and make some money back.
I have been thinking of dropping a black top SR20, get it running stock is and sell it off.

Dec 07

Frakenstien’d CA18e

To start I ripped apart the block to see more of what is going on inside,I started some repairs on the threading with the exhaust manifold.

Moving forward with the parts ordered: A14 ARP head studs with this route as the head bolts from the stealership seem to be a hit and miss on ordering and could take up to 2 – 6 weeks so I have also ordered headgasket, plugs, plug wires and this all should be good I should not any longer have any issues with cyl pressure.

Next moving onto reinstalling the head and timing belt, as this was set to TDC when I took it apart you can notice the nudge is 1 tooth below the marker on the bottom, the second picture was supposed to be the correct setting as per the book. But it came out a bit blurry will fix that later. In the end, it is complete with all the correct torque specs and alignment.

Here is a video of the distributor timing for people that get confused how to set it from the FSM

Did more things to the car as it is nearing completion and I discovered the pully has an issue.

//Update 12-13-2016

This time, I am complete under the hood, now the fuel pump re-wire. Since this is an 1986, it is classified as the Mk1.5, IE: it has the mk1 look but the wiring harness changes that is commonly found in the mk2 version of the s12’s, this mean the ECU has fully control over the fuel pump and to re-wire it requires 30amp relay and 15 amp fuse. I also had to tap into the Rear wiper blade on the fuse block, I don’t have any future plans on using that blade since I have louvers that block it.

Nov 15

Carb project to go live..


Well, more on the project. I am able to find a cheaper insurance so I can now register both my daily z and my s12 again. So I can now finish with the progressive testing my s12 and see how well she will handle driving it around.

And when 12/4/2016 comes around I will most likely be driving in the Import Face Off drifting again like old times.

I would like to start a web vblog but if I don’t feel motivated enough, if I had more subscribers I might start a weekly vblog when I work on my car projects. I just need to know who all follows this project and my other projects.

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