Sep 01

My Progressive weight loss finally at last.

I have finally found the diet that really does tick with my body but the thing is as I research more it is what the human body should be. High Fat, Low Carbs is the diet to start out with and progressively work on down to Keto Diet.
Down a rabbit hole, it all started when a few co-workers were talking about the keto diet for shedding pounds off. I started to look up the keto diet and stumbled upon this video “Fat Head Documentary” it was a satire documentary about a real thing and showing that Super Size Me the movie was a load of crap. After also a year prior watched a video called “That Sugar Film” I recalled a bit about the sugar is a bit what is hurting us all.

I watched Fat Head, and then I learned a bit that this has to be what is wrong with me as at the time I am doing about 1500 cals per day basically starving myself but still loading up on carbs eating what “America” says is healthy. When I moved to Keto, I started with a higher fat and tracked my daily intake. 60% fat I started with and about 80g of carbs I was eating about 2,100 cal’s per day. After the first 2 weeks of the self-challenge I went from 293 down to 278 and I at the time let my carbs hit around 15 – 20 per day. So I took a cheat day after all I finally found what is working. To stay in ketosis you need to be in High Fat and very low on carb intake around 15 – 20g per day and mostly fiber.

I started in the first week of May 2017 with the weigh in at 293lbs, 8/31/2017 I am now at 238lbs (55lbs in 4 months) and that is with cheat days and some added stress and drama towards my life I never gained anything back, I love what I eat. It is like having a hidden treasure of food, I even eat fast food often and still keep in ketosis. In-n-Out makes this excellent burger called the Protein Burger.
Key factors to it is just as simple as no sugar, no wheat, no corn. Research and watch a few videos and read others success videos. There is a lot of support for this diet and the food is excellent even if you just want to eat fast food daily. If you like pizza the “Fat Head” Pizza is amazing with the cloud bread.
My Cholesterol levels are excellent now, my blood pressure has lowered massively and I have more energy than I ever had before.

I can’t give a direct food plan but if you have a love for special styles just member there is a recipe for it out there for Keto style. This is much better than the low calorie and you want to avoid anything with no fat or low fat products.
If there is anything I can do, I can coach you on it it just takes a moment with a simple email or facebook. I have been on a strict with my diet lifestyle for the past 4 months, I am on a mission until I hit my weight goal and even then, it’s a lifestyle not just a diet.