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Project: Initial G

What is the Initial G Project?

This is my project of drift. My passion is drifting since my fallout in 2009, where I found a sport that helped me with my self rediscovery as it all started when I joined the Touge NW Group.
Started my first AutoX event with my firebird in 2010 on mount washington at the location of Hoodoo ski lodge. Ever since my first event, I have been hooked rather it be Auto-crossing or Drifting. it’s something in my life that sets me free from the world and feel alive not just as a human but alive with myself.

Project: Initial G isn’t a group or club, it’s just my project name with a goal, and my blog category as it is also my adventure.


Moving forward..

2018-01-18 17:27:44 kallador

I have recently turned in my plates due to a mess up with DMV, so I am a bit in limbo if I am driving this weekend or not, I might actually drive to the track but if I do it will be most likely G riding it somehow or if I can figure out the issue with DMV. if I end up going I might just slide some at the wet track.

My new plans is now in effect as the VG30S project was only temp until I found a better option for seek of more power. I’ve acquired an vg30de from an j30 from here I’ve plan to do some rebuilding.

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Being discouraged to go further with this carb vg30s

2018-01-11 01:12:48 kallador

Well, it was a fun project. I got to think outside the box and do something a bit retro and newish. 

I am a hands on person, I learn by having a hands in project and it is fun for me to learn new things especially outside the box stuff. instead of giving me a hand I get insults after insults on doing such project and this makes me want to give up all together with it. Still it sucks when that is all the wording I am getting the most when I am doing this project and rarely I get any kudos on it or any-type of encouragement. 

My career is in IT with Desk Side hardware / software stuff and I actually hate it. But I also work 10 – 12 hour days sometimes even longer depending on the project so I have little time to start with then other people who do not respect your projects nor hobbies and even side jobs and always demanding me to drop everything. 

It only takes a bit of negativity to ruin a project, this project is tarnished as it labels me as a stupid person and it might have a cool factor to it until the story hits from others about who did what and not knowing who I am and what I do already.  So there is no point to keep this project going, what this project is going to get is a completely new motor and start over keeping everything under-wraps until I am done and it is driving and I am back at the track again with out the fear of being ridiculed because of this person did this or that person did that when all I did was ask for some assistance. 

Recap : Main issues *overheating* – full rebuild except ROD / Main bearings. 

  • 2015 she went down took time ordering the parts and rebuilding with trouble shooting in the end. 
    • end of 2015 first fireup but had issues but it worked nevernorless as I learned the new setup. 
  • 2016 troubleshooting 
      • First went in full troubleshooting went from 500cfm carb to 350cfm, 
      • Second, acquired VG33 heads and replaced the VG30 heads thinking that my heads are messed up 
      • Idle was hard to lock down and couldn’t get it out of being super lean
      • Went back to EFI 
      • Found out it was a timing issue with the super lean problems
      • fixed timing and still had overheating issues
      • Installed Carb when I did that Ian shows up with Waylon the same day I reinstalled carb
        • He tuned it in 15 minutes (because it wasn’t far off) 
      • still had overheating issues
  • 2017 fixed overheating issues with gauge
    • retuned the setup again just slightly to improve the pull more. 
    • May 21st I went and blew up the motor at the track becuase I failed to do the rod / main bearings.
    • June acquired replacement motor
    • Reinstalled everything and used the rebuilt vg30 heads instead
    • Everything works again, 
    • forgot the clutch release bushing 
    • spends 1 day pulling and installing the bushing 
  • 2018 – everything is fine. 
    • Refresh the suspension finally removed the old s12 stuff and installed the s13. 
    • preps for the new season for vegasdrift.
    • Wants to toss this all in the garbage and gives up and just drift the daily Z. 


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Suspension refresh and so long JunkYard Caliper.

2018-01-06 04:20:34 kallador

First thing I’ve noticed with this is that my battery terminal has alot of build up corrosion will most likely need to replace soon. 

I got some work done this week to my car, did a full refresh and removing all the old s12 parts and replaced with the s13 parts as it should have been. Only thing I am not putting back on is the sway bar. 

Pneumatic brake bleeder is an awesome tool I highly recommend it. 

Upon removing the old s12 parts my junkyard q45 caliper start to leak from the piston so I went a head and ordered a replacement from RockAuto. 

I replaced the caliper, used the pneumatic brake bleeder, 10 minutes later my brakes was solid. 

Replaced an ford escort tierod end because the boot was ripped to shreds and deleted the sway bar because the end lines was both bent and damaged the s12’s lower control arms. 

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Progressively played sir.... and it's street driven

2017-11-21 22:55:05 kallador

Made progress with both Fairlady silvia and with Serenity, for the ones who follow my blog on my progress. I have been progressing very well with my projects. 

the 200sx SEv6 carb monster is doing very well with the new clutch setup until while driving to street driven event back in september I’ve noticed a weird bang. turns out I did a huge rookie move and forgot the pilot bushing from doing the auto to manual conversion on the second block I’ve acquired. So in 1 day I ripped apart the transmission, installed the bearing and called it a day. In the mean time I have been putting together and troubleshooting the small stuff on this motor including a rookie move #2 I should have re-gasket the whole motor before installing including the pisron rings. 
Project Serenity is in action finally, drove it to the datsun meet of november Ratsun LV. She drove decent and the motor has ran great with 0 issues.

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My Progressive weight loss finally at last.

2017-09-01 06:19:22 kallador

I have finally found the diet that really does tick with my body but the thing is as I research more it is what the human body should be. High Fat, Low Carbs is the diet to start out with and progressively work on down to Keto Diet.
Down a rabbit hole, it all started when a few co-workers were talking about the keto diet for shedding pounds off. I started to look up the keto diet and stumbled upon this video “Fat Head Documentary” it was a satire documentary about a real thing and showing that Super Size Me the movie was a load of crap. After also a year prior watched a video called “That Sugar Film” I recalled a bit about the sugar is a bit what is hurting us all.

I watched Fat Head, and then I learned a bit that this has to be what is wrong with me as at the time I am doing about 1500 cals per day basically starving myself but still loading up on carbs eating what “America” says is healthy. When I moved to Keto, I started with a higher fat and tracked my daily intake. 60% fat I started with and about 80g of carbs I was eating about 2,100 cal’s per day. After the first 2 weeks of the self-challenge I went from 293 down to 278 and I at the time let my carbs hit around 15 – 20 per day. So I took a cheat day after all I finally found what is working. To stay in ketosis you need to be in High Fat and very low on carb intake around 15 – 20g per day and mostly fiber.

I started in the first week of May 2017 with the weigh in at 293lbs, 8/31/2017 I am now at 238lbs (55lbs in 4 months) and that is with cheat days and some added stress and drama towards my life I never gained anything back, I love what I eat. It is like having a hidden treasure of food, I even eat fast food often and still keep in ketosis. In-n-Out makes this excellent burger called the Protein Burger.
Key factors to it is just as simple as no sugar, no wheat, no corn. Research and watch a few videos and read others success videos. There is a lot of support for this diet and the food is excellent even if you just want to eat fast food daily. If you like pizza the “Fat Head” Pizza is amazing with the cloud bread.
My Cholesterol levels are excellent now, my blood pressure has lowered massively and I have more energy than I ever had before.

I can’t give a direct food plan but if you have a love for special styles just member there is a recipe for it out there for Keto style. This is much better than the low calorie and you want to avoid anything with no fat or low fat products.
If there is anything I can do, I can coach you on it it just takes a moment with a simple email or facebook. I have been on a strict with my diet lifestyle for the past 4 months, I am on a mission until I hit my weight goal and even then, it’s a lifestyle not just a diet.

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