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Working Sucks and we all know it.

Jan 11

Being discouraged to go further with this carb vg30s

Well, it was a fun project. I got to think outside the box and do something a bit retro and newish.  I am a hands on person, I learn by having a hands in project and it is fun for me to learn new things especially outside the box stuff. instead of giving me a …

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Sep 01

My Progressive weight loss finally at last.

I have finally found the diet that really does tick with my body but the thing is as I research more it is what the human body should be. High Fat, Low Carbs is the diet to start out with and progressively work on down to Keto Diet. Down a rabbit hole, it all started …

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Aug 31

The drive and home resolutions

So first I would like to say, I had a hearing on the tpo filed against Kal and we had to dissolve the TPO due to unsuccessful serving on the courts side and they are unable to serve it to him in Montevista Hospital and regardless of the blind threat I recently heard I had …

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Jul 17

The chaos brews at home…

So I was writting this on the 17, because I was being a bit angry.  As a follow up to the previous posts, I have an uneasy feeling that I’ve made a huge mistake in which it is now caused me to live in fear in my own home. In the past I have successfully …

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May 24

Spinning the bearings and a religion delusion

Saturday 5/20, I was so excited I made it to Vegas Drift, because my car felt like it was driving beautifully. Passed tech and even showed up exactly on time.  When it came to 5pm the gates of the track is open, switched some new tires and went out. Soon as I did, I spun …

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