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Project Kame – RIP

Make: Nissan
Model: 200sx (Silvia 12)
Year: 1984
Engine: v4, CA20E
Tranmission, 5 Spd
Codename: Kame
Color: Faded Blue
Project:?? Auto-X and Drift.History: 3rd Owner as they say with only 130k miles on the speedo. Picked her up @ Yakima, WA. The condition it looked like it was pieced together. It was running the day I bought it, but that same day, I threw the timing belt.Sold her Sorry guys,

G-Funk Garage.. Has started

2015-03-11 21:46:53 kallador

I am not longer just working on 1 s12, I am now in the process of 3 others.

Overview on the current projects:

  • Project:: Fairlady Silvia
    • Project is also my current daily.
    • VG30 Powered factory z31 ecu / maf
    • Planned suspension maintenance
    • Carb conversion
    • high compression build vg33 to replace
  • Project: Serenity
    • ca20 powered
    • Building KA24DE to replace CA20
    • Keeping it stock and clean
    • Making it a show car and daily whip
  • Project: Black PearlĀ Night Fury!
    • CA18DET powered
    • Nistune is a must, software ordered just have to street tune
    • Windshield replacement in the works
    • fixing for road \ track worthy
  • Project: Red
    • Not a clue
    • Ideally Project Fairlady shell swap idea
    • Another idea SR20DET swap?

This is the current project list.

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Kame Update

2011-01-26 07:47:30 kallador

Kame is now in storage, it’s awesome. I’m finally relieved that my car is in a safe spot.

This weekend I’m going to see what I can do with out money, ??Most likely nothing I can do right now.
I can dump the rest of the oil tho, and clean up some stuff.

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Woot the CA20E head is back...

2011-01-11 03:59:25 kallador

and it looks clean and better then ever…
This is going to be awesome, I can’t wait till I fire up the ol turtle.

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Kame Update

2011-01-09 07:56:33 kallador

Head is ready to be picked up, will be most likely picking it up Monday.
Then to plan how I’m going to be install it.

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Happy New year...

2010-12-31 08:15:24 kallador

Yep, Can’t wait till I get back so I can go pick up my head for my Nissan 200sx, and start the installation of that
And the bullshit is finally over with, with my business partner on the god damn part for my rear end for my car.

So in essence I will be driving again, this time I’m going to make Raven more winter ready, so I can at least drive again, and then I need to take a few lessons on snow ??driving. I feel like I’m completely fail at this, granted I am born and grew up in the desert of the Las Vegas Area. Snow is a big new world for me.

I Defiantly want to get some studded tires, but fuck with no actual income. It’s nearly impossible.

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