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Fairlady Silvia

Jan 18

Moving forward..

I have recently turned in my plates due to a mess up with DMV, so I am a bit in limbo if I am driving this weekend or not, I might actually drive to the track but if I do it will be most likely G riding it somehow or if I can figure out …

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Jan 06

Suspension refresh and so long JunkYard Caliper.

First thing I’ve noticed with this is that my battery terminal has alot of build up corrosion will most likely need to replace soon.  I got some work done this week to my car, did a full refresh and removing all the old s12 parts and replaced with the s13 parts as it should have …

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Jan 02

Fairlady Silvia Suspension Refresh is in effect.

 The outer right tie rod is toast, and an junk yard q45 left caliper just blew it’s last seal.  So far this is starting to look good as I am also installing the s13 hardware that I have been lacking todo for a while now.  Next up will be a self alignment from where she …

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Nov 21

Progressively played sir…. and it’s street driven

Made progress with both Fairlady silvia and with Serenity, for the ones who follow my blog on my progress. I have been progressing very well with my projects.  the 200sx SEv6 carb monster is doing very well with the new clutch setup until while driving to street driven event back in september I’ve noticed a …

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Aug 31

The drive and home resolutions

So first I would like to say, I had a hearing on the tpo filed against Kal and we had to dissolve the TPO due to unsuccessful serving on the courts side and they are unable to serve it to him in Montevista Hospital and regardless of the blind threat I recently heard I had …

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