Jan 06

Suspension refresh and so long JunkYard Caliper.

First thing I’ve noticed with this is that my battery terminal has alot of build up corrosion will most likely need to replace soon. 

I got some work done this week to my car, did a full refresh and removing all the old s12 parts and replaced with the s13 parts as it should have been. Only thing I am not putting back on is the sway bar. 

Pneumatic brake bleeder is an awesome tool I highly recommend it. 

Upon removing the old s12 parts my junkyard q45 caliper start to leak from the piston so I went a head and ordered a replacement from RockAuto. 

I replaced the caliper, used the pneumatic brake bleeder, 10 minutes later my brakes was solid. 

Replaced an ford escort tierod end because the boot was ripped to shreds and deleted the sway bar because the end lines was both bent and damaged the s12’s lower control arms.