Jan 11

Being discouraged to go further with this carb vg30s

Well, it was a fun project. I got to think outside the box and do something a bit retro and newish. 

I am a hands on person, I learn by having a hands in project and it is fun for me to learn new things especially outside the box stuff. instead of giving me a hand I get insults after insults on doing such project and this makes me want to give up all together with it. Still it sucks when that is all the wording I am getting the most when I am doing this project and rarely I get any kudos on it or any-type of encouragement. 

My career is in IT with Desk Side hardware / software stuff and I actually hate it. But I also work 10 – 12 hour days sometimes even longer depending on the project so I have little time to start with then other people who do not respect your projects nor hobbies and even side jobs and always demanding me to drop everything. 

It only takes a bit of negativity to ruin a project, this project is tarnished as it labels me as a stupid person and it might have a cool factor to it until the story hits from others about who did what and not knowing who I am and what I do already.  So there is no point to keep this project going, what this project is going to get is a completely new motor and start over keeping everything under-wraps until I am done and it is driving and I am back at the track again with out the fear of being ridiculed because of this person did this or that person did that when all I did was ask for some assistance. 

Recap : Main issues *overheating* – full rebuild except ROD / Main bearings. 

  • 2015 she went down took time ordering the parts and rebuilding with trouble shooting in the end. 
    • end of 2015 first fireup but had issues but it worked nevernorless as I learned the new setup. 
  • 2016 troubleshooting 
      • First went in full troubleshooting went from 500cfm carb to 350cfm, 
      • Second, acquired VG33 heads and replaced the VG30 heads thinking that my heads are messed up 
      • Idle was hard to lock down and couldn’t get it out of being super lean
      • Went back to EFI 
      • Found out it was a timing issue with the super lean problems
      • fixed timing and still had overheating issues
      • Installed Carb when I did that Ian shows up with Waylon the same day I reinstalled carb
        • He tuned it in 15 minutes (because it wasn’t far off) 
      • still had overheating issues
  • 2017 fixed overheating issues with gauge
    • retuned the setup again just slightly to improve the pull more. 
    • May 21st I went and blew up the motor at the track becuase I failed to do the rod / main bearings.
    • June acquired replacement motor
    • Reinstalled everything and used the rebuilt vg30 heads instead
    • Everything works again, 
    • forgot the clutch release bushing 
    • spends 1 day pulling and installing the bushing 
  • 2018 – everything is fine. 
    • Refresh the suspension finally removed the old s12 stuff and installed the s13. 
    • preps for the new season for vegasdrift.
    • Wants to toss this all in the garbage and gives up and just drift the daily Z.