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Aug 31

The drive and home resolutions

So first I would like to say, I had a hearing on the tpo filed against Kal and we had to dissolve the TPO due to unsuccessful serving on the courts side and they are unable to serve it to him in Montevista Hospital and regardless of the blind threat I recently heard I had …

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May 01

Couple of running Silvia’s

Project Fairlady Silvia, for now I have a fix in place it is a work around in the process for the moment till I can get a replacement block.  I had a shifting issues with it, that didn’t seem right at all. I revisited the clutch master and slave and a new line and all …

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Apr 19

Project Serenity is alive once again!

Well, I have decided to pull the ca18et block out as it will never work right, at least not with out a propper ECU tune for the timing. So I was able to reburbished the original CA20e block and dropped it back in ontop of the other parts from the frankenstien’d head, and was able …

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Dec 07

Frakenstien’d CA18e

To start I ripped apart the block to see more of what is going on inside,I started some repairs on the threading with the exhaust manifold. Moving forward with the parts ordered: A14 ARP head studs with this route as the head bolts from the stealership seem to be a hit and miss on ordering …

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Aug 19

Time for a change up.

I am going to migrate down to 2 Silvia’s instead of 4, with that being said. So here is the plan in the works. Project Robin build is getting what the Black car had the full CA18det swap. The chassis is actually in better shape including the body harness wiring. So for now I am …

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