Aug 14

La Familia and the engine break down.

Well moving out the Schizo friend, it is really sad but I got to hang out with his bro for the week and seemed to be much more of a cooler bro than the one I was friends with. 

Moving forward I recently just agreed upon my brother moving in and helping me around the house and car projects. Will be coaching more on the projects and other things. 

With that being said after the assist of the move in I broke down the s12.

Tearing it back down due to a failed head gasket on cyl 4, 6, and 3.

Upon doing so I am also going to get a broken piece of the head finally repaired once I find someone who can weld aluminium.

Hopefully this will be the last time I do this, I am planning to make a Williams, AZ.  Datsun meet in August.