Aug 22

The Fairlady Silvia Returns.

From the head-gasket failure from the installation recently, I decided to wrap this one up with the VG30e heads I had cleaned up and resurfaced a while back. 

New set of Fel-Pro head-gaskets that did just fine last time before I blew up the last motor. 

I transferred back the SR cams back to the vg30 heads from the vg33 and went with it. 

With that being said I also went a head and replace the headbolts as $20 per box of 13 each I couldn’t pass it down. 

Spent the weekend with the reinstall and worked great sunday night on the first start up but the throttle was a bit laggy so I investigated and noticed that I set the timing on the wrong mark as I had it completely backwords, 

Spent monday in the matter of 2 hours redoing the timing and when complete things sounded beautiful. 

Temperature is stable and everything.